What Led Cartier's Voyage

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In 1534, King Francis I of France sent Cartier because of his previous voyages going to the eastern coast of North America. On the voyage, Cartier was sent to find gold and other riches, spices, and a route to Asia. Cartier sailed from Saint- Malo on April 20, 1534, with two ships and about 61 men. After 20 days smoothly crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Cartier entered the Strait of Belle Isle. Then, sailing toward the continent, Cartier assumed the existence of the Cabot Strait, going around the Magdalen Islands, passing the northern peak of Prince Edward Island, and putting him at Chaleur Bay. Believing he had discovered a new route to Asia for King Francis I, he moved to the head of the bay, but then had to backtrack. A harsh storm led Cartier
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