What Makes A Good President

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What makes a president great? A great president must be well educated, they must also be able to deal with a crisis, they should also have to pass a test in order to show that they are ready to be a president. They must have great expectations for our country just like Ronald Reagan. They should also be good for our economy. An example of that would be to cut taxes down for the people, or increasing the spending on the military. Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico Illinois. His father nicknamed him Dutch, resembling a fat little Dutchman. His father’s name was John Reagan, and his mother’s name was Nelle Reagan. Ronald Reagan had a well rounded childhood. His childhood life was not hard or easy. It was easy for him to get along with other people. He was very educated, that's also one reason why he was a great president (my opinion). He only had one brother, and his name was Neil Reagan. Ronald and his brother got along quite well. Ronald Reagan graduated …show more content…

After he graduated college, he got a job as a radio sports announcer in Iowa. He also made a film named “Love is on the Air”, playing a radio news reporter. Over the next three decades he appeared in more than 50 movies. Reagan's famous line was “Win one for the Gipper”; which he is still known for today. Ronald Reagan was president for eighty years (two terms). He was in the republican party. He advocated for the increases in the military spending. When he was a president, he was able to help the economy by lowering taxes. He was favored by many because of all the things he did for our country. Overall, I think that Ronald Reagan was a great leader. He was a great leader because he helped the economy, he lowered taxes so that others could be able to afford them, and more. He left a long lasting mark on our society. He is a greatly missed president. In the end, Ronald Wilson Reagan was truly a great president to the United

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