What Makes A Leader? Essay

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What does it mean to be a leader? There are leaders in everyday situations that society is a part of: whether it be a professor, boss, coach, captain, politics and so on. No matter how big our roles, we have some type of leadership responsibility over others. How does one effectively lead these people? What methods, ideas, and skills should they convey to these people? It is not always easy or fun to be a leader and it is almost guaranteed that not everyone will like said leader and all that they stand for. What type of person or ideas comes to mind when someone says the word President? Hopefully they are positive words like leader, intelligent, helpful, and hardworking and so many more great qualities. A president has one of the toughest leadership roles in my opinion that has to make very tough decisions on topics that people have many varying opinions on. As a voter it can be hard to understand all of the information and which side to choose. A person must ask themselves what they stand for or believe in and then decide who will complete these tasks the best way possible. To be a first time voter it is a very exciting experience but there is also a lot of turmoil associated with this election that makes it hard to know which side to choose. With an election year like never before, the candidates have placed a lot of pressure on voters to decide who is fit enough to bring our country back into order, but Donald Trump has the potential to fix a nation that has a growing

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