What Makes A Living Thing?

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Clare Cho
Som Chounlamountry
POSC 399-01
19 September 2015
My Microbiology professor, Dr. Akhavan, asked the whole class one scorching July day during our summer session, "What defines a living thing?" I, wanting to impress the professor, quickly raised my hand and answered the question confidently, "Living things respond to stimuli." After he shook his head, at least twelve other students tried to get the right answer. With a frustrated look, he finally gave it up: "CELLS!" He went on to say that all living things are composed of cells--bacteria, fungi, protozoa--no matter how microscopic they are, these microorganisms are made up of cells, that ultimately categorize them as living organisms. Viruses, on the other hand, are acellular. These nasty things need a host to survive, and cannot survive on their own. But, I digress. The point I am trying to make is simple: fetuses are living and miraculous organisms. Only one egg is released per month, then a sperm must survive harsh conditions to penetrate the egg, then the fertilized egg must implant in the correct location in the woman (the endometrium of the uterus). A unique being is created as two sets of chromosomes come together as one. We all come from this beautiful system--at least I did. I have always considered myself a feminist, not a hardcore one, but a feminist nonetheless. What always kept me from calling myself a "true" feminist was that I did not support abortion. You either had to choose to be on the…
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