What Makes A Person 's Identity?

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A person’s identity determines how one perceives anything and everything because it is the culmination of all of their personal experiences as well as their reactions to them. What may have happened to thousands of people around you and before you may not happen to you or anyone else out of the aforementioned group, which is why everyone’s identity is different; it is unique to them because of their experiences and no one else’s. The existence of subjectivity relies on these unique identities since one person’s opinion of something cannot explicitly dictate what another’s is. Simon Frith states, “while music may be shaped by the people who first make and use it, as experience it has a life of its own,” (Frith, 109). Subjectivity is often related to the subject of art due to man’s attempts to ultimately define what it is and is not despite the fact that art’s many forms all heavily rely on identity in how they were created and are consumed. The personal qualities that we use to assess and understand art allow for an infinite number of possible interpretations. The identity of an art form leaves room for speculation due to how all works are derivative of their influences and there is a level of ambiguity when trying to assign labels to artists and their works because although an audience may classify an artist in one way, he may classify himself as another. The appeal of art stems from its universality, as it is open to anyone and everyone. Its diverse nature stems from

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