What Makes A Poor Leader?

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There are many things that can make someone a poor leader. He can be lazy, rude, unfair, etc. In my case, the worst leader I ever had was the boss I had when I worked for an insurance company. My boss played favorites, gave away her work, micromanaged, lacked human skills, and recorded everything that someone did wrong. All of these factors are what make her the worst leader I ever had. The first reason my boss was the worst leader I ever was because she played favorites. First, my boss was noticeably friendlier to people who she liked in our department. She would say good morning to them, she would take an interest in their personal life, and ask about their weekend plans. She never asked the rest of us any of those things, and we felt distanced from her. Next, the rotation schedule for our jobs was skewed toward the people she liked. She would give the people she liked the easiest/quickest jobs each days. The rest of us had to struggle to get our work done by the end of the day while the favorites always finished beforehand. Finally, she would gossip with the people she liked about the rest of us. Sometimes we would overhear it and it made for a hostile work environment. Playing favorites is what made her a poor leader. The second reason my boss was the worst leader I ever had was she would give her work to the rest of us and take credit for it. First, everyone in the department had job duties specific to them except for her. She would start out the day with work on

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