What Makes A Real World? Essay

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What does the “Real World” look like? I know what the “Real World” is, it is the time is one’s life when is there is no more school and there is a job that occupies their time. The question is how does someone transition into this brand new life style? There are some obvious ways someone could find out what their future beholds. The first and most obvious way is to jump in head first and not fear the unknown. This strategy defiantly suits the outgoing people that solve the problems as they appear. For sure, this is not the way I want to enter the “Real World”. The next strategy, which I believe is consistent, is to gain information from the people that have already gone down the path that you plan to take. This accommodates the people who plans out their life and tries to expect the unexpected. Knowing myself, I am choosing the second strategy and actually interviewing someone. But first things first, I need to know what job I want to even look into. Over the span of the EDPS class, I have narrowed it down to two general majors I want to go into, Computer Science and Statistics. Trying to narrow down even more, the job that I’m looking at in Computer Science is something on the lines of Web Developer or anything that involves creating an interface. For statistics, anything that involves athletics intrigues my interest. Since I can see myself going with either options, I then switched my thought process and see who I already know that I could interview. I lucked out because
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