What Makes A Teacher?

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"A person who teaches, especially in a school; noun" (Google, 2016.) Google gives a very obvious definition to the question "What is a teacher?" However, those of us who have had an experience with teachers know they 're much more than someone who instructs. They are mentors, encouragers and educators. Each of these are far more in depth than an instructor. Everyone has, or will have, a person who becomes a mentor in their life. Whether it 's a sibling, a teammate or a teacher, a mentor has a way of impacting our lives so that they aren 't ever forgotten. Mentors give those they mentor advice from their own life experieince. When I was a sophomore in high school my brother 's fiance was a passanger with a drunk driver. After a bad crash and being thrown from the vehicle, she died on impact. Then, two plus years after her death it went to trial. Reliving the tragedy for three straight days took more strength than I thought I had. Lucky for me, I had a geography teacher who noticed the change and took action. He gave me advice on how to handle the sitution, especially with academics. He told me about a few of his own tragedies and how he had managed them. Without his advice my life outside of class may have gotten the best of me, and could have easily effected me on an academic level, along side an obvious emotional level. It was Mr. Wells ' experiences, what he learned from them and the advice he then gave that made it so apparant to me that teachers are far more than

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