What Makes A Virtuous Ethic?

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Everyone in this world is instilled with a set of values that we use as guidelines to dictate our decisions we make in our life. That affect not only our interaction with others but also with how we subconsciously treat ourselves. A simple explanation of what a virtuous ethic would be something along the lines of “How do I live a life that isn’t simply good but also based around good morality?” We use these kinds of ethics to guide us through the righteous path, the morally good path, and the paths that we believe lead to our own prosperity of the good life. But honestly what in the world is the hard facts on virtue ethics let me break it down for you.
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Which is a perfect example of something that is an end in themselves. “By their very nature human beings act rationally, a characteristic that allows us to make decisions and to change our character and allows others to hold us responsible for those decisions. ” In other words not only does the desire to do good, whether it be for our own sake or for the sake of others, which is a quality that exists in everybody gives us the power to judge others for their actions. It also gives insight that while we may think our actions are rational and within the bounds of reason but that doesn’t give us the power to avoid the consequences enacted against us by society.
The next important virtue within the realm of virtue ethics is the ethics of care “which implies that there is moral significance in the fundamental elements of relationships and dependencies in human life. ” A good way to explain the ethics of care is that they are putting moral ideals into action. The foundations in the ethics of care are developed through childhood when we are being raised in a nurturing environment by our parents when we are young and then later in life reviving that feeling as we care for those around us that aren’t capable of caring for themselves. The ethics of care is also a profound system used by people in all fields of mental wellbeing and counseling. “Critics fault care ethics

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