What Makes A Virtuous Ethic?

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Everyone in this world is instilled with a set of values that we use as guidelines to dictate our decisions we make in our life. That affect not only our interaction with others but also with how we subconsciously treat ourselves. A simple explanation of what a virtuous ethic would be something along the lines of “How do I live a life that isn’t simply good but also based around good morality?” We use these kinds of ethics to guide us through the righteous path, the morally good path, and the paths that we believe lead to our own prosperity of the good life. But honestly what in the world is the hard facts on virtue ethics let me break it down for you.
First off let me examine what these virtues are starting with my personal favorite Eudaimonism which simply put is obtaining over flowing happiness. It was Aristotle that stated “All actions are not pointless because they have an aim. Every action aims at some good. ” Whether that aim is good towards the us for its own sake (ends in themselves) or good towards the others (means to other ends.) I’m fond of this theory of virtue ethics because it’s something I personally focus on a lot in my own life. I wish to be content in who I am and achieving a fulfilling life a basic fundamental drive within all humans. But the twist to Eudaimonia is that it even replies in the areas you’d never expect it to apply such as murders and even rapists. How does this relate to either one though is the sub focus on what these people achieve…

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