What Makes Me Different? Essay

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If one were to ask what makes me different, I think the most distinctive characteristic I possess is the diversity of experiences I have encountered. One scene has remained vivid in my mind as my undergraduate years have gone by, and it involves a situation with my father. It was a bright and sunny August afternoon, a perfect move-in day for my new room on Dutch Quad. The car was filled to capacity, with clothes, shoes, bins, and school supplies and we were on our way to campus. While on the highway, I noticed my dad trembling. Drivers behind us on the highway were flashing their lights and driving past our windows with anger. Still driving, his hands started to shake and he would let them off the wheel, as tears started to roll down his eyes. I realized that he was going through an episode. “Dad, pull over for a second.” “No, I’ve got to get you to school.” In that moment, I was fearful, yet having been rather recently informed that my dad was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it ignited something in me that I couldn’t explain at the time, but I am now fully aware of. I told him again, firmly, “Dad, please pull over for a second” and I felt as though he could see in my eyes, the love I had for him. He finally pulled over and I embraced him. I then got in the driver’s seat, having only passed my road test two days prior, and drove the rest of the way to Albany where I then made sure he got the appropriate medical attention needed. I visited him every day while simultaneously
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