What Makes Me Stand Out?

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE What makes me stand out? The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it. I have forever believed in this school of thought. Commitment, Passion and Innovation are those which have kept me on the drive. I, Atisha Mootha, have always deemed that the most powerful weapon on earth is Passion. Passion creates a power that is inexhaustible, intense and treasured. Be it the latest developments in Technology or the innovations in field of Architecture, I have had an enduring passion. To me, to have a purpose in life, one must have a passion and be willing to innovate. I truly portray this belief in my approach to any work that is assigned to me by putting my passionate and the best foot forward …show more content…

Further to this I enhanced my skills in the field of interior design while working with Mr.Vikram Phadke at Interspace Inc., Chennai as a Junior Architect and Project Manager. During this time I got an opportunity to put all the text book information to practice is real world situations and I also realized that the process or systems followed at site is very different from what is done in classrooms The ones who want to achieve and win championships motivate themselves. I have done this all through my life. I have had the ability and curiosity to learn and know new things. I am highly committed to the work and therefore try to complete all my work with full perfection. I tend to be a good organizer and a leader with good communication skills. I am a very positive person with good attitude and highly dedicated to the work given. Schedule, quality and productivity have been my USP. My passion toward life, my ardent interest in field of architecture, my readiness to innovate and change and my quality output are what makes me stand out. How MS in Real Estate Develpoment will have an impact on my future? Meeting people from different parts of the world, befriending them and establishing a cherishable association is something I have loved to do right from my childhood. As an individual who loves traveling and exploring new places, whenever I have stepped out of my state, I make sure I learn useful and interesting facts

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