What Makes Policy Stick?

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Olayinka Ajibola
PO 326 Politics and Public Policy
October 1, 2015.

QUESTION 1: WHAT MAKES POLICY STICK? A good definition of Policy is the concept of action adopted by an individual, organization, or government. Policy could come in different forms providing the nature of business. Example of policies include; Foreign policy, Immigration policy, Civil right policy, Transportation policy. Policy implementation guides and regulates actions/procedures in a business or firm. In the book “Policy regime and policy change” by Carter Wilson basically highlight its main statement and goes thus; abrupt changes in policy occur with changes in policy paradigm and alterations in pattern of power and shifts in organizational arrangements. When there is a sudden change in policy, it affects virtually all level of power in its function. Several theories were presented in the book which illustrated the approaches to public policy and they will be discussed. The concept of “Punctuated Equilibrium” emerges as a way out of conflict between the incrementalists and their critics by providing a model that explains the existence of long periods of stability with occasional change. They focus on the dynamics of creation and destruction of policies (Baumgartner & Jones 1993). Another model which is the Advocacy coalition framework specifically deals with extreme public policy systems. The advocacy deals with the attempt to translate policy core and
Other belief systems into government
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