What Makes You Happy And Don ´ T Be Afraid

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Strength is what makes people to keep trying over and over again. Don’t cry, don’t let those tears fall, my mind said. Never give up; if someone else can do it, you can do it too. Look for what you want and follow the path you want to, for your life. Do what makes you happy and don´t be afraid, if it is meant to be yours it will be. In this way you might find some troubles and bumps to avoid, but nothing that with a little bit of divine help call “Faith” cannot fix. These ones were the words a voice in my head told my, when my father left my house.
In my childhood, my mom and my dad gave me the most beautiful moments, of my life. Together they taught me to help other ones, to be humble and the love that God has for us. My father was way too strict with my siblings and I, always trying to make us go far away from our best. Perfection is what my father was looking in us. Unfortunately, not everything is as we want it to be. He used to beat and scolded us if we didn 't do our homework perfect. If we just committed an error, he hit us or mistreated us. My mom did not like this, and most of the time they argued and fought because my mom defended us. Of course nobody is perfect, but my dad used to make us think that we had to be perfect. I loved my dad, and even when he was strict and didn 't like to show his feelings, he was my hero, my example, and I wanted to be what he wanted me to be (perfect).
My mom and my father weren’t having a good relation. One day of October of 2001

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