What Motivates People Other Than Any Other Factor In Gilgamesh

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Motivation is a key part in achieving success. People who wish to be successful have something to motivate them to reach their goals. These motivators are always present in life. A motivating factor is something that enables one to keep reaching for their success. The motivating factors taming chaos, social interaction and finding meaning can be traced throughout literature in order to display the reasoning behind a character’s actions. The motivating factor, taming chaos, is the idea that one should maintain tranquility in their everyday actions in order to stay motivated. For instance, the act of fixing a bed right after waking up in the morning can help a person feel accomplished and motivate them to accomplish more things throughout their …show more content…

An example of this could be how one’s love for their significant other might motivate them to be a better person. Social interaction is found in the story of “Gilgamesh” through Gilgamesh’s relationship with Enkidu. Gilgamesh had such a close friendship with Enkidu that his death humbles him and eventually motivates him to better himself from his tyrant-like ways, saying “For whom, Ur-Shanabi, have my hands been toiling? For whom has my heart’s blood been poured out?” (88). Social interaction can also be found in “The Divine Comedy” through Dante’s relationship with Virgil while being guided through the Inferno. Virgil’s guidance helped motivate Dante to continue through his journey through the Inferno all the way to Paradiso, saying to him “You are my teacher, the first of all my authors, and you alone the one from whom I took the noble style that was to bring me honor” …show more content…

An example of this could be a person who wants to find the meaning of life and so they are motivated by this to live their best life. The motivating factor, finding meaning, is found in “The Bhagavad Vita”. Arjuna seeks to find meaning in why Krishna advises him to go to battle against his family, saying “Nor should you tremble to perceive your duty as a warrior; for him there is nothing better than a battle that is righteous” (734). Arjuna eventually comes to terms with Krishna’s words and advice, finding meaning in them and this ultimately motivates him to go to war against his family. Everyone has something or someone that motivates them in some way. Thus these factors are always present in our lives. The motivating factors of taming chaos, social interaction and finding meaning are all present throughout works of literature. They will continue to play a part in modern pieces of writing, as well as in real life. They lead mankind to triumph. One cannot seek success without

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