What Produces The Biggest Impact On Learning?

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What produces the biggest impact on learning? One major goal of instructional designers as well as teachers is to promote students ' learning efficacy. Efficacy is defined as power or capacity to produce a desired effect. In the context of learning sciences, efficacy could be used to describe students’ learning effectiveness. In classrooms, students ' motivation, cognitive skills as well as teachers ' devotion could have strong impacts on students ' learning effectiveness. Learning scientists have been investing their energies to this kind of studies and trying to coordinate variables into an equation which describes students learning in a more precise way. An online learning environment is even more complex than classrooms. This is …show more content…

Based on the solid data set, he theorized a framework which is named as "efficacy equation" (See figure 1) which includes quality of teaching, students ' devotion on learning, interaction, motivation and cognitive skills. In the following part, I will elaborate on this framework. To help explain the framework, I will also demonstrate how does the design rationale of Longman English Interactive (LEI) platform align with these principles. Figure 1. Efficacy Equation Teaching Qualities Teaching qualities are among the most influential factors in this equation. There is no doubt that teaching activities as well as teachers ' devotion are essential to students ' learning outcomes. Discussing variables that might have influenced teachers ' teaching qualities is beyond the scope of this article. However, students ' learning outcomes as well as their learning process could provide insightful information on teachers ' teaching qualities. Like students, teachers also want to have immediate feedback on their teaching qualities. Learning technologies have made this become true. With learning analytical tools, teachers could review students ' learning outcomes from their grade books and their learning process from their participation rates, which are demonstrated from their log data. The design of LEI Platform provides teachers with immediate feedback on students’

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