Customized Learning Theory And Learning Theories

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Customized Learning Theory Paper: Final
Charyse Williams
Liberty University Introduction Over the 8 weeks in this class, I was able to learn in full detail unique techniques about the different learning theories. Since every individual learns differently, it is important to gain a understanding on all the different types of learning styles and struggles so that the learning environment can run as smoothly as possible and better insure academic success. During this final paper, there will be a number of topics discussed. These topics will cover how I personally found a better understanding of my customized learning theory. First, I will go over the Learning Theory and its’ importance. Secondly, I will give a description of an effective teacher and learning environment. Next, I will discuss the different learning characteristics. Finally, I then will give my personal reflection on all the different things I was able to learn during this course. All of these four sections helped build a better understanding on how to be a more effective educator. Most importantly, I gained a better understanding how to build better rapport with students who have all different learning styles and ways of thinking. While managing a classroom, it is highly important to make lessons that will be appealing to the students that you are teaching interest. This will increase engagement and academic learning. As research in the classroom and education and in general is continuously conducted,…
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