What Role Does Culture Play In Counseling

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Culture is looked at as the way of life of a people, more specifically how they think, act, dress and react to their environment. Culture incorporates aspects of language, dress, food, religion, knowledge, attitudes, values, and behavior and inevitably impacts the way we respond and treat others. The concept of culture plays an integral role in the counseling process as it allows psychologists to better understand the meaning a client assigns to live events and how they view and experience the world. As such, it is considered imperative and an ethical obligation for psychologists to adapt and develop interventions that are consistent with the values of their clients in congruence with sensitivity to cultural differences. As the United States continues to experience changes demographically, it becomes essential that psychologists examine factors which will strengthen their ability to respond and counsel culturally diverse clients.
First, in my work with children, adolescents and families, my religious beliefs and principles which were inculcated through my family, allows me to experience a great sense of hope and positivity that I will create a difference
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Similarly, as a competent cultural psychologist, it is important that I remain cognizant of the fact that my cultural self-awareness and sensitivity to my own cultural heritage plays an integral role in the helping process. Also, my ability to recognize which values and assumptions I maintain regarding the desirability or undesirability of human behavior will enhance my ability to develop healthy and positive connections with children, adolescents, and their families. Through developing insight on my positive and negative emotional reactions to culturally diverse clients, I will be better able to develop mutual respect and a positive working alliance with
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