What Role Does Culture Play In Our Identity

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How does your culture help identify you? Culture plays a big role in our lives, it helps build up our background and character. There's a variety of things that build up our culture. For example traditions, our religion , and even our ethnicity. So the question is to what extent does our culture affect the way we see the world and the people in it. We'll be able to see how culture has influenced other people based on different texts from this unit. Because everyone's culture is different our perspective on the world is also going to be different. “A memoir” by Santh Ram Rau by any other name.”Oh my dears those are names are too hard for me suppose we give you pretty English names”. Since we all are different and have different cultures it means we could have different names in this case the teacher wants to give her a different name which is very wrong because a name is a part of who you are and where you come from. The teacher changing it is like trying to change who she is is and that's wrong. Having a name that Is…show more content…
Jing-mei didn't understand her mother's point of view and why she was always pushing her so hard. Jeing-mei’s point of view was very different from her mother's where she thought her mother was just trying make her become something she wasn't and she felt like a prodigy. All her mother wanted was for Jeing-mei to become successful and be someone important in life. “My mother believed you could be anything you wanted in america”(Tan). “”Of course, you can be a prodigy too””, my mother told me when I was nine”(Tan). “You can be best anything. What does auntie Lindo know? Her daughter, she is only best tricky”(Tan). This helps explain how culture can cause different perspectives but at the end it's all for the right
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