What Should Women Do From An Emotionally And Psychologically Abusive Relationship?

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Title: What Should Women Do In An Emotionally And
Psychologically Abusive Relationship

Tiffany Whittington
Pacific Oaks College

MFT 535
Anne Soon Choi, Ph.D, MPH, MSW
June 26, 2015

From ‘In The Beginning’ to the present, numerous men have been resentful of women and have showed this in abusive ways. But this abuse is not limited to the physical. There is also the emotional and psychological cost of such abuse, and it’s not all one sided. The men also pay a price. To that end, this Research Topic: ‘What Should Women Do In An Emotionally And Psychologically Abusive Relationship’ will explore in detail of what I believe can be done to stop such emotional and psychological abuse. There is a problem, and here is my …show more content…

To which The Lord replied, ’She will be beautiful of face and voluptuous of body. Dedicated to satisfy all your desires day or night. In addition she will be a wonderful cook and gather all of Eden’s bounty in order to delight your palate. Finally her voice will be low and soft and always submissive to your every command.’
To which Adam responded, ‘This helpmate called Woman sounds wonderful. However, in that you have blessed me so, there must be some price to be extracted from me to show my faithfulness and appreciation to you?’
Yahweh responded, ‘There is a price, and it will only cost you an arm and a leg. But do not worry, for she will see to your every need until the end of time.’
A very concerned Adam replied, ‘I really appreciate the offer, but such a sacrifice of limbs seems like a rather steep price. What do I get for a rib?’ And that is where the cliché of: ‘It will cost you an arm and a leg’ came from.
As a consequence, I wanted to find out if certain types of people are more likely to be in emotionally abusive relationships than others, and then study the thought processes of people who are considering leaving an emotionally abusive relationship.
Which is why my innate curiosity directed my research to: ‘Identifying the signs of emotional and psychological abuse’. Subsequently leading to my finding of: ‘What can be done to stop the emotional and psychological abuse’. Then concluding with: ‘Overcoming victim-identity or

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