What Type Of Pastoral Care And Attention Is Required?

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Christianity in general, considers marriage to be a doctrine. A Christian marriage in The United Methodist Church is not a sacrament. Marriage in the United Methodism reflects Christ’s covenant with the Church, and this further means that people entering a married relationship enter a ‘a sacred covenant reflecting the Baptismal Covenant.’ The congregation gathered that witnesses a wedding celebrates love between a couple, promising them that they would nurture them in their Christian faith as disciples of Christ, and as a community.

What type of pastoral care and attention is required?
Since this a wedding between a Punjabi Indian and a Polish American, officiated by a Pakistani (me), I would need to be careful as not to come across as …show more content…

Since the couple has decided not to live with families of either parents, the focus of attention would be the couple. However, it is important that the bride and groom both understand the cultural differences and are able to respect each other’s opinions (in the near future,) so that they do not fall into the pit of misunderstandings, doubts or suspicions about each other’s love or relationship.

1. The Text Selected
- What is the historical background, including author and level of authorship; social, religious, cultural, etc. realities that confront or are confronted by the text in its original setting and functionality in scripture.
- Level of authorship: According to the International Bible Commentary, the name of the author, in this case, the poet is not known. However, R. W. Orr states that the poet might be a woman, for the “The Song regards marriage sensitively from the woman’s point of view.” This is “the genre of Wisdom,” primarily because the Song of Songs is from “the school of Solomon,” and wisdom is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This song speaks about wisdom.
- Social reality in scripture: The Liberty Bible Commentary states that the text is written from the point of view of a Shulamite maiden. She is the only daughter of her parents. Her father has passed away and therefore; her brothers are responsible for the family maintenance.

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