What Type Of School Experience Did I Have As A Child?

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Personal Reflection: This post requires an introspective examination of self. In your analysis, consider the following questions: What type of school experience did I have as a child? I do not remember enjoying my school experience as a child. I often felt overwhelmed and had a horrible time keeping my focus and retaining anything that was taught inside the classroom. Both of my parents worked full-time outside of the home during my childhood school days. There was no parent involvement or engagement because of their work schedules. However, both of my parents actively helped me with my school homework assignments. 2. Why did I become a teacher? I came out of school thinking that I wasn’t very smart. However, I always remember my Kindergarten teacher and loving the experiences she gave me and how she made me feel. My 5th grade teacher made me feel the same way my Kindergarten teacher did, special and able to conquer the world. I wanted to give that same feeling to other children. I wanted to be able to see their eyes light up in understanding and give them the confidence that they could do anything and be anyone they wanted to be. 3. How have my opinions of the profession changed and/or remained the same over the years? What are the factors that make my job rewarding? What aspects of my job pose challenges? In my older years, especially with the required testing and common core requirements, I feel that teachers no longer have as much opportunity to explore
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