What Walker And Avant ( 2016 ) Outlined Essay

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The following concept analysis is formulated to follow an abbreviated version of what Walker and Avant (2016) outlined. Select a Concept The concept of “Pediatric Adaptation to Hospitalization” has been a topic talked about since the early sixties, if not before. When a child is hospitalized they experience a wide variety of emotional stressors. Separation from family, stress, isolation, anxiety, depression, fear, unfamiliar surroundings, normal routine interruption, lack of understanding (“why do I feel this way”, “why is this happening to me”), pain, and continuous stranger interaction are a few of the feelings and emotions that children experience during hospitalization. Langford (1961) stated “This increased body of knowledge about the emotional effects of illness and hospitalization has been reflected in changes in the practices of many pediatric hospitals and services in order to lessen the psychological hazards to their child patients”. Although the topic has been discussed, a true definition has not been formulated. Positive adaptation will foster healing, increased comfort, less stress, and an overall increased psychosocial wellbeing. On the other hand, negative adaptation will prolong healing, increase pain levels, foster acting out behaviors, and increase stress which in turn effects the immune system. “The ways in which a child handles these stresses and the anxiety and tension provoked by them have been found to be related to a number of factors: the
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