What Was The Role Of Fascism In The 1920's

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After WW1, the treaty of versatil was passed which blamed the war on germany and forced them to pay the war debts, this lead its economy to debt and facilitated the Great depression. Its people were furious and were in need of a change, this gave way to a Adolf Hitler, a dictator, and authoritarian whose public speaking and action quickly gained him support and control over the German people. Hes hatred towards jews(seeing them as inferior being) and allied nations made him prep and remilitarized germany for revenge. Adolf hitler first hinge towards way was breaking the munich agreement made between germany, italy, great britain and france when they attacked Czechoslovak capuring half and leaving the rest to the soviet union in other not …show more content…

Fascism arose in the world during the 1920’s in places such as Germany, Italy and Japan. These nations had instituted authoritarian and militaristic governments led by Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Hideki Tojo. These nations resembled the Axis Powers which fought against the Allies that fought for democracy. One of the Allied nations was the United States which had the Great Depression to deal with, which many americans were more concerned for the economy, thus citizens wanted to avoid war at all costs. The united states, although supporting its allied nations, hoped to stay out of war as much as possible because this was between European counterparts but were forced to enter the war due to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 at 7:55am hawaiian time. Japan’s attack strategy confused american forces because they thought it was a regular aviation routine, until the island was bombarded by japanese aircrafts. Not only did this invasion affect people on the island; when word reached civilians and military officials they were startled, yet angry. This action resulted in the United States declaring war on Japan. The United States began strategized their attack by fighting from island to island advance closer to japan. This strategy was called island hopping. American forces began their campaign in the

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