What We Now Call E Business?

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As a Project manager it is critical to be on the forefront of technological changes and opportunities that will improve project procurements. The opportunity to reduce cost and improve the speed and accuracy of procurement can be found in Electronic Procurements (E-Procurement). The chance to reduce cost is very tempting; however, the risk associated with the opportunity must be considered as well. Project managers have an opportunity to conduct a procurement analysis, which takes a closer look at the advantages and challenges of this new method. “What we now call E-Business arose through the proliferation of the internet as a platform for inter-organizational systems (IOS) in the late 1990s and has had a particularly significant impact on supply chains and networks” (Brandon-Jones & Croom, 2005, P. 368). It has led buyers and sellers to create open source portals to share information and make and place orders. E-procurement has the ability to provide a great deal of transparency for project managers. The internet provides users with the opportunity to share information at a rapid pace. The internet is also easily accessible to multiply users at the same time, and the information about a product is readily there to review. As described by Tai, Ho, & Wu, (2010), “Web-based e-procurement is one form of IOS and the aim of the system implantation is to streamline purchasing process and enhance competitive advantage” (p. 5398). The aim is to have buyers and sellers complete…
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