What Were the Turning-Point Events That Kept Relations Between the Soviet Union and China Hostile for over 20 Years?

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What were the turning-point events that kept relations between the Soviet Union and China hostile for over 20 years? There were many disputes between China and Russia between the 1950s and 1960s. The disputes may be caused by ideological differences, self-interest, personalities of the leaders, or domestic problems. Mao and Stalin had ideological differences. Although Mao and Stalin’s ideologies are based on Marxism, Stalin believed Mao using the peasants as the basis for revolution is not the right interpretation of Marxism. Stalin thought workers in cities should be the basis to lead the revolution. Also, Stalin feared Mao compete against him in the Communist world, so Stalin wanted a weak China and the USSR will then dominate Asia. …show more content…

However, tension rose again at the conference of Communist Parties. Mao called Russia to abandon revisionism, which supports Western Capitalists. Mao also believed the USSR is trying to isolate China. Deng believed capitalism had to be crushed in violent revolution. Khrushchev’s visit to Beijing in order to ease the tension caused by the conference was unsuccessful. Khrushchev’s hotel, which was infested by mosquitos, had no A/C in the summer. Also, Khrushchev who was bad at swimming was invited to swim with Mao. It was humiliating for Khrushchev because he had to wear tight swimming shorts and a swim ring. Meanwhile, Deng used this opportunity to criticize the Soviets. He said the Soviets had betrayed the Communist movement and had sent spies disguised as technical advisers to China. Next, a series of events caused China and Russia’s relation to deteriorate. The Taiwan crisis resulted the Soviets withdrawing their economic advisers and cancelled commercial contracts with China. Then the Soviets denounced the faulty design of The Great Leap Forward, which made Mao infuriated. Therefore, Mao would now aid any communist countries that do not agree with the USSR. An example of this would be China aiding Albania. In 1961, the USSR withdrew aid from Albania. Then China replaced the Soviet aid to Albania. This led to more hostilities between the two communist countries. Khrushchev and Mao

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