What Would We Do Without Technology?

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What would we do without technology? In the day and age we live in, everywhere you look, technology surrounds us and is a pivotal part of our everyday lives. Growing up in a time of such technological advances, reading and writing using technology, was a changing and constant present part of my learning. From cell phones to personal laptops, new programs and ever changing technology have slowly invaded our lives and with it, came different ways to be exposed to reading and writing. When I first started learning to read, I was having a lot of trouble picking up how to sound out these new and confusing words. One day however, my parents stumbled upon a computer program called Hooked on Phonix. Hooked on Phonix is a program that trains on reading comprehension for children. Suddenly, I found myself able to better understand the material being presented to me. I could sound out all these new and exciting words and it forever changed the way I learned how to read and write. I had no issue picking up a challenging book for my age level after I learned how to read. Reading at a high level came very easy for me at a young age for reasons that were beyond my comprehension. After learning how to read at a higher level, my parents would buy me advanced books all the time when I asked for some. I could now use all these previously unknown words and start to read more advanced books and my mind took off into this new world of adventure and mystery.
I first learned to write around the

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