What are Traditions?

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A tradition family consists of a mom, a dad and a few kids. This is societies version of a “normal family”, which is accepted by all states in the US, legally and socially. However, people who identify themselves in the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, and Trans-gender community want to be parents as well. This is not what the majority of Americans see as normal, and there are stigmas and myths that take a hold of these parents and they are discriminated against because of the stigmas and the stereotypes that people can hold against them. In research, LGBT parents are more than capable of parenting, and they do just as well as heterosexual parents. More specifically, looking at studies with adolescents show that the more open the parent(s) is with them, the tighter a relationship, as with any other heterosexual parenting style. There are also legal aspects of child custody and how sexual and familial identities are played in a court of law.
LGBT Parents v. Heterosexual Parents
LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. It is a community who all define themselves in one of these ways. Zastrows book Human Behavior defines the word homosexual refers to “being attracted primarily to someone of the same gender to satisfy sexual and emotional needs” (p. 582). To go further to define a few more words, Zastrow also refers to bisexual as “romantically and sexually attracted to members of either gender” (p. 583). He also goes to define transgender as groups of

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