What is Depression?

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Depression is an illness of loneliness that many people face. Many people struggle with depression due to a loss, a low self esteem, and many of life's struggles. Depression has many different identities to a persons mind, body and thoughts. It can stem from a chemical imbalance in the brain, a trauma, or from genetics. It also effects people differently in each case because no two people are alike,therefore they are many different ways to treat and cope with it. In this research paper I will be identifying depression and alternative ways of treating it through my research. I will also give my own personal point of view where I will discuss how I overcame a depressive state of mind and how I overcame an addiction to nicotine. I believe depression has many different levels because there are many different stigmas from it. Some people might think its just a feeling of sadness and it will go away, but most of the time its not that easy. Overcoming depression can be very hard for people because there are many side effects from this illness. It may include a sleep disorder, frequent changes in moods, lack of concentration, self esteem and self worth. But the worst is having suicidal thoughts.

Meditation doesn’t just have to be for the eastern culture. Millions of Americans practice it, because its health benefits have been proven in many different studies. It’s not an escape, as some people may think. Meditation is a wonderful practice that can enhance your

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