What is Green Manufacturing?

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Green manufacturing is an effort that may brings millions of benefits to the people and the world. It is closely related to the green product which is referred to the use of renewable energy system and clean technology tools despite what their form in. Besides that, green manufacturing is considered to be the great role player in the efforts to minimize pollution and waste by reducing the usage of natural resource use, recycling methods and reusing what was to be considered as a waste includes emissions. To conclude it in a more brief way, green manufacturing is a process that make it easier for the world to achieve an eco-friendly surrounding.
Green manufacturing has various meaning in accordance to different areas of interest. Nevertheless, green manufacturing is vital to sustain the business as well as to reduce the impacts to the environment and all the stakeholders. Nowadays, the green manufacturing is no longer a new topic to the community since there is a major change in the acceptance, emphasis, and also the philosophy. Basically, going green is a process when we start using more eco-friendly stocks. Besides, we also have to promote the usage of renewable resources so that we can consume more in the future. However, the process of transforming to the green manufacturing involves high cost that could prevent the transformation. Plus, this may results in view of green is slowly being converted to realizing business opportunities. Yet, it can increase the sales since

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