What is Love to Me?

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(HOOK) What is love? Everyone in this world thinks that love is all about expensive things such as clothes, electronics, and definitely money. This writer personally thinks that love is all about family, friends, siblings, and of course our God. (CI) This essay is about how love can be positive and negative in each and everybody’s lives. (GS1) One thing that this writer personally loves is the love of siblings. (GS2) The second thing that this writer loves is the love of friends. (GS3) The last thing that this writer loves is the love of parents. (THESIS) Overall, this writer loves many things, but this writer has (I) the love of siblings, (II) the love of friends, and (III) the love of parents. (TOPIC SENTENCE) This writer has many things that are loved in life, but one out of the three that are loved is the love of siblings. (MA) A positive thing that comes from the love of siblings is that they always spend time with us. (m1 for MA) One type of thing that siblings can do to spend more time with us is to go out and do fun things. Some of those fun things could be going to the movies together, going out to eat together, going to a game of some sort together and more. There is more than one way we can spend time with our siblings. (m2 for MA) Another reason why our siblings spend time with us is because our siblings always help us out no matter what. If we are in a certain situation that we cannot make on our own, we know the love of our siblings can get us
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