Essay What is Psychology and Who Are Psychologists?

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Psychology is an extensive field of scientific studies from behaviors to mental processing (Zimbardo et. all, 2010, p.2). Psychology is also not to be confused with “common sense facts”, nor should it be considered only speculation. Psychology follows an empirical approach based on observations as well as scientific research (Zimbardo et. all, 2010, p.3). Often in our culture we see “factual” information being shown as proven scientifically, when in reality is pseudopsychology, or psychological findings that are falsely presented as scientific (Zimbardo et. all, 2010, p.4). This pseudopsychology can be harmful to people by aiding false beliefs that can lead to over generalized stereotypes and myths of certain people (Zimbardo et. all, …show more content…

(Zimbardo et. all, 2010, pp. 15-19). Psychologists, just like any other scientist, use the scientific method for research and studies (Zimbardo et. all, 2010, p.28). Psychologists start of with a hypothesis that they then test through having a controlled test, gathering data, and finally analyzing the data to see if it goes with or against the hypothesis (Zimbardo et. all, 2010, p. 29-31). All of the studies are conducted to eliminate any biases (Zimbardo et. all, 2010, p.36). Ethics are also always measured when doing research and help lay out basic guidelines for the experiments taking place (Zimbardo et. all, 2010, p.37). After organizing and analyzing all the data collected, researchers can then draw conclusions on the research. Researchers use descriptive characteristics to distinguish measurements of the people as well as inferential characteristics to measure the result of chance (Zimbardo et. all, 2010, pp. 41-43). Before reading these two chapters, did not know how research was put together and how it is considered significant. I learned that research was put together just as any other scientific experiment was, however instead of showing a cause and effect reaction the data collected from the research showcased how certain occurrences are related (Zimbardo et. all, 2010, p.31). I also learned that data is considered significant when the probability of the data being “due to chance

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