Essay about Psychology Theories

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I chose Gestalt Psychology for my first perspective, it is how people experience objects and perceive things as a whole. Gestalt allows us to look at everyday objects and distinguish them from their surroundings. Without the Gestalt Theory people would see every atom that made up a whole object. As I look at my computer screen, I do not see every little atom, I see the screen as a whole. From this perspective, learning objects as a whole instead of each individual part is beneficial because it allows us to open our minds for new learning experiences. However, there may be things in life that do not provide enough visual clues to determine what it is supposed to be. The Functionalist Theory is based on behavior and mental life. It …show more content…

This allows us to be able to avoid waling into a hole or hitting our head on a door. Humanistic Personality Theory is more of a behavioral theory. I can say they both deal with the “here and now” issues though. The Functionalist Theory however is associated with the Humanistic Personality Theory because they are both behavioral and mental theories. Functionalism is based on experiences and how it affects our current behavior. With the Humanistic Theory and its beliefs of dealing with the present functionalism allows you to retrieve memories to help you make your decision. I believe that functionalism also contributes to self worth. My whole life I have been achieving accomplishments, whether big or small, and it gives me a self worth to look back at all of them. “Cognitive theory is focused on the individual's thoughts as the determinate of his or her emotions and behaviors and therefore personality. Many cognitive theorists believe that without these thought processes, we could have no emotions and no behavior and would therefore not function. In other words, thoughts always come before any feeling and before any action.” ("Cognitive theory in," 2004) Cognitive theory could have an effect on Gestalt Psychology because if a person has a learning disorder is can change how they perceive things. They may not be able to distinguish every day objects for what they truly are. My six year old cousin has down syndrome.

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