What 's Eating Gilbert Grape? Essay

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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is based in a small town named Endora in 1993. This film presents the lives of the members in the Grape’s family as they develop and cope with daily tasks. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the mental development of each member in Grape’s family along with the people who they interact with in Endora. Developmental theories are then used to connect with the developmental themes in the film to obtain an integrated understanding of Grapes’ lives. Movie Overview Gilbert Grape, a 24-year-old grocery store clerk, lives in the small town Endora with his family. Gilbert takes care of his brother, Arnie, who has developmental disabilities. Their mother, Bonnie, who is suffering from depression, becomes morbidly obese after witnesses her husband’s suicide 14 years ago. Gilbert also has an older sister, Amy, and a younger sister Ellen. Due to their Bonnie’s condition which she is not able to take care of the family or herself, Gilbert, Amy and Ellen have taken the responsibilities of taking care Arnie. Arnie likes to hide on the roof or on the trees as he waits for Amy or Gilbert to look for him, and he also has a habit of climbing up the water tower in the town when he is left unsupervised for too long. Gilbert is the only person who knows how to successfully persuade Arnie to climb down from the tower without physical forces. On the other hand, Gilbert is having an affair with Betty Carver, who is the wife of Ken Carver. Gilbert also has two close
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