What´s Helicopter Parenting?

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Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter Parents, Curling Parents, Lawnmower Parents, Blackhawk Parents; No matter the name you prefer, they all share the same meaning, extremely over-protective parenting (“Helicopter Parents” 2). Helicopter Parenting is the act of over parenting in which the parents restrict the child’s actions and do for the child what he or she should be doing for themselves. Although Helicopter Parents’ intentions may be pure, the effects of such a thing are most definitely the opposite. Helicopter Parenting causes both long-lasting mental and physical effects on children and can also hinder an adolescent’s transition into adulthood. Because Helicopter Parenting causes detrimental psychological and physical effects on adolescents
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In being a helicopter parent, the parents can prevent the child from being harmed because the parent is always keeping tabs on where the child is or who he or she is with. The parents can prevent the child from failure, because the hovering parents are always making sure the child is succeeding, and if they are not then the parents are doing their work for them and making sure it is always exemplary, and the child does not have to worry about their future, because the parents are paving it for them and choosing every step they make to get to where they need to be (“Pros and Cons” 1). However, monitoring every move a child makes and making every decision for them has consequential effects on the child’s life and they are not…show more content…
Helicopter parenting is often “associated with problematic development in emerging adults to practice and develop important skills needed” in life (Freeman 6). Children of Helicopter parents are never getting the chance to develop life skills like problem solving and communication skills because their parents are always doing these things for them. By taking away a child’s opportunity to learn how to manage their own life, parents are harming their children by ensuring that their children will not function as a normal adult in the adult world properly. Parents need to be informed that by running their children’s life for them, once that child becomes an adult he or she will not emerge into the adult world healthily. In the adult world, people have to go out and scout a job for themselves, jobs and careers are not just handed to people and no one is going to get a job for anyone else. Job recruiters say that “30% of them have had a parent submit a resume for their child” and “25% have been contacted by a parent that feels their child should receive the job” (Martinko 4). When children are transitioning into adulthood and applying for jobs, they will have no knowledge on how to because their parents had got their first jobs for them with no effort from the child. Parents need to be aware that
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