What´s Hydraulic Fracturing

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Hydraulic Fracturing is a process/technique that was produced around the 1940's and it is

a way in which we can allow natural gas and oil to be able to move around from the rock

pores in which they are trapped inside of, to allow this to move to a producing well.

Hydraulic Fracturing is used because it recovers energy resources as well as producing

great amounts of hydrocarbons from each well. If we use this process, this will mean that

we no longer would need to use the drilling process for oil and gas, this would mean that

there would be less waste and other technical difficulties that come with the process of

drilling for oil and gas.

There are a some commonly used chemicals in hydraulic fracturing process. Such as

Methanol, which is a very dangerous chemical. It pollutes the air and is also a regulation

for the Safe Drinking Water Act. Some other widely chemicals used in the hydraulic

fracturing process is isopropyl alcohol that was used for many products. We also have

the ethylene glycol which was used in 119 products

( You also have a chemical called crystalline

silica which was present in about 207 products.

Some land owners are not well informed about the possible consequences that come with

hydro fracturing in their lands. Lots of gas companies do not make them aware of

potential risks or benefits of this process. This process is now taking place in states like

New York and Ohio, and the

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