What´s Psychological Manipulation?

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Psychological Manipulation Essay Psychological manipulation can affect the lives of many by manipulating their emotions. Finding a way to psychologically manipulate a person's emotions or their thoughts could be a long and tedious process, and can only be mastered by few people. For these people who try to manipulate the behaviors of people will stop at nothing and fight hard to attain their goals. Although these people will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, finding a way to psychologically manipulate someone can be a difficult task. One of the most common ways to manipulate someone by their emotions or behaviors is the act most often known as lying.Yet there are many ways and reasons for what these people do, and why they do them. These acts of psychological manipulation can also be shown in the book 1984 by George Orwell. In the book 1984 the government makes laws and then forces their citizens to follow them so that people will be so focused on following the laws just to prevent harsh penalties if these laws are broken. If one of these laws are broken, the penalties for breaking the law could result in a death sentence too many different forms of psychological torture. In order to know the truth facts of psychological manipulation, a skilled manipulator must know the vulnerabilities of their opponents or victims. Psychological manipulation is a type of influence that attempts to change the behavior or perception of others do underhanded, deceptive and abusive
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