When Can Babies Sleep Through the Night Without Eating?

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Just as parents have different opinions regarding night feeding for their babies, child experts also have various recommendations. Mothers usually wonder when their babies can sleep through the night without eating and pediatricians seem to disagree when it comes to giving an expert answer to this question. Some authors like Ferber believe babies do not need to be fed at night after they are three months old while others, such as Weissbluth, recommend allowing babies to feed at night up to the age of nine months. Here are some guidelines on night feeding for infants at different ages. When Can Babies Sleep Through the Night Without Eating? Most healthy, full-term, newborn babies can sleep through the whole night without feeding by the time they turn six months old. Dr. Susan Sorensen explains that most of these babies sleep for more than six hours without needing to eat at all. This is the age when mothers can start weaning their babies from night feedings, even when do not mind waking up to feed their babies. The pediatrician also advises mothers to train their babies to learn how to be able to sleep by themselves without feeding in the middle of the night. By the age of two months, mothers may put down their babies when they are sleepy so they can learn to put themselves to sleep. Although at this age they still need their night feedings, you do not need to offer a bottle or your breast every time she wakes up. You will notice some signs that your baby is ready to give

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