When Character Was King Essay

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When Character Was King by: Peggy Noonan Ronald Reagan’s life wasn’t the greatest growing up. He had some extreme difficulties with his parents and his childhood. His family wasn’t categorized in a social class; they didn’t own anything like a farm, store, bank or industry. Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 in Illinois, in a town called Tampico, in a one-bedroom rental over a bank building. His mother named him Ronald, but he didn’t like it so he asked people to start calling him what his father called him, Dutch. His father called him that because on the day he was born, his dad ran up the stairs, looked at him and said that he looked like a fat little Dutchman. He had an older brother named Neil who was two years older than…show more content…
They didn’t really eat very good meals, especially not like the ones we get today. They ate oatmeal hamburgers, and his mother made it possible sometimes to make soup last a week. Ronald was never proud of his childhood; he didn’t want to look back at it. He wanted to leave those tough times in the past. When Ronald was just six years old, World War I came to America. He knew about everything; he saw the flags, heard the songs and he visited the soldiers when they came to town. Dutch couldn’t really keep friends so he learned not to need them too much. He became more of a reader and someone who spent hours drawing and imagining. Ronald went to Eureka College, which was a very small school in a small town in northern Illinois. It was extremely inexpensive for tuition, room and board but he couldn’t afford it even if they’d accept him. He fell in love with the Illinois architecture, Georgian-style buildings covered in ivy, acres of land surrounded by trees. He went to Eureka College one day to convince the president of the school and football coach’s that he was terrific football player, a lifeguard and a very good swimmer. They actually let him in, with a student scholarship and a job that would pay for his meals and books. He played football and decided to go into campus politics. He became the leader of a student revolt against deep and sudden campus cutbacks. He was chosen as speaker for the cause, which made him feel that he could really hold an audience
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