When God Stood Out To Me Analysis

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Throughout this book there were a multitude of things that stood out to me, but the most prominent quote out of them all had to be “We do not seek God for how God can benefit us, just as God does not seek us in order to get something out of us” (College in the Spirit, 2012). This quote stood out to me the most because I was actually just telling someone about this predicament in my spiritual life that I was going through. I was telling them how when I did read my Bible, or prayed to God I wasn’t feeling anything and I felt that I was supposed to be feeling something. The person responded to me saying that I’m not supposed to pray or worship or read my Bible just for the purpose of feeling something. They continued to say that with time if I …show more content…

You don’t really think about it but often times when you are asked to describe someone you think about all of things that you know about them, and most of the time the things that they love to do or who they love are the first two things to pop into your head. Everything that someone loves to do or who someone loves makes an impact on their life whether they know it or not; these things may even change the person. My last statement goes hand in hand with another quote from the book that really stood out to me. This quote being: “It is about being shaped and about the direction in which we are being shaped” (College in the Spirit, 2012). I think it is okay for you to be shaped by those around you and the things that you love to do, however, you need to be shaped in the right direction. You need to be able to grow as a person when you are being “shaped”. I personally hope that the decisions that I am making in my life and the things/people that I am choosing to love are going to shape me into a better person that I hope one day my parents/kids will be proud

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