When I Analyzed The Evidence, I Looked At Both The Statistics

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When I analyzed the evidence, I looked at both the statistics of the scores and the individual comments. I also took into consideration the process of creating these presentations. Students had three days in class to find additional research; draw conclusions about how technology impacts our communication, relationships, and knowledge; and craft and discuss their claims about technology in small groups. I observed these student discussions and provided some informal feedback during the process to help students achieve instructional goals. While working with students during this time, I saw students successfully find quality sources and evidence but struggle with how to use those sources to develop their analysis. This qualitative…show more content…
These essential questions included 1. Does technology help or hinder our ability to communicate with others? 2. Does technology help foster (grow) community or destroy it? 3. Does technology help promote or hinder our knowledge? and 4. Does technology strengthen or weaken individual relationships? Students needed to discuss with one another to determine what would make an effective claim for the first three of the four essential questions, provided feedback to one another about their claims, and also worked together to develop strong wording for each claim. They then crafted their own claim statement for the fourth essential question, shared their claim with me which was then added to a Google Document that students could comment on, and then provided constructive feedback through the comments feature to provide feedback to their peers. This act of collaborating helped reinforce this skill, which is also one of the unit objectives, and the second-lowest average on the initial formative assessment rubric (4 out of 5). Before the project, I spoke with case managers, who have these students in a guided study hall setting, to let them know that my students needed to collaborate with their classmates on this formative as a means of successfully completing the project and a unit objective. After the formative assessment had been scored, I was told that students in Groups A, B, D, and F used Access time to work on this task. Once I
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