tda 3.7

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1.1 One of the class teachers main roles is to monitor and assess pupil achievement. They need to know how their class are progressing and be able to report on this. The teacher plans the lessons and schemes of work to enable the children to reach their learning objectives. It is important that the teacher, children and support staff know the objectives so they can understand the learning that is taking place. A learning support assistant assists the teacher in the delivery of the learning, they are also in charge of assessing pupils or groups they are working with. This is then fed back to the teacher to inform the next steps. Al earning support assistant may have responsibility for putting in place learning activities to meet the …show more content…

This in turn can inform you of the pace of learning for each child that is appropriate. 3.4 In order to support pupils using formative assessment it is necessary to ensure all pupils are clear of the learning intentions of the lesson. They also need to know the reason that they are learning it and the assessment that will take place. A discussion with them will make sure that all this is clear. Success

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