When I Was In Middle School, My Heart Was Set On Becoming

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When I was in middle school, my heart was set on becoming a lawyer. I was ready to represent those who could not represent themselves, win every case I took on, and receive a healthy income for all my work, which happened to be my main motivation at the time. After realizing how many years of undergraduate and graduate years were required to actually become a lawyer, I quickly dropped the idea and began changing my my all throughout high school. I was going to be a guidance counselor, helping the youth of America find their purpose in life; and then I remembered that I have very little patience when it comes to strangers and their problems. The patterned continued, from TV news anchor to Broadway star to CEO of whatever company I chose, …show more content…

My senior year of high school was when I developed the characteristics I appreciate most. I was out of the house from 6:30am till 11pm every Monday through Friday. I became the presidential advisor for Student Government Association, member of the National Honor Society, treasurer of the German Club, squad leader for the drill team, member of the select choir and concert band, worked part time, and continued my outside-of-school activities. But, my best moments were when I was the co-chair for homecoming. The president of SGA asked me to co-chair homecoming and I was in complete shock, under the impression I was nowhere near significant or “popular” enough to hold this position. The stress, the early mornings, the tough decisions, the budgeting and fundraising issues, I loved every challenge and reward that came with the position. I realized that I had more potential and influence than I initially thought, and I finally had the confidence I always deprived myself of.
Continuing the pattern, my life at the current moment is another moment where I feel that I am achieving my best. I am pursuing majors in Marketing and Supply Chain Management, working part-time, interning at a design studio, and performing with a folk ensemble that travels the United States. The classes I am enrolled in keep my interest and challenge me to want to learn and understand all the concepts. I have made great connections with

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