When Is Lying Wrong

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Is lying always wrong? For Christians, and other religious groups, lying is a cardinal sin again their deity. This does not mean that being dishonest is only wrong if a person is religious. Even nonreligious people can see the painful effects of lying. Lying harms not only the person being lied to, but also the liar and society as a whole. Lying hurts others whether they find out about it or not. If the person never finds out about the lie then it damages their ability to make informed decisions about an issue. This could lead them to make choices they would not have made otherwise had they been presented with the full truth. Sometimes lies have purer motivates, such as not wanted to hurt someones feeling. An example of this would be telling someone that you like their boyfriend even if you think the two are a bad match. This lie seems innocent enough. You are just trying to keep your friend happy, but that innocent lie could cause the other person to stay is a relationship that is not healthy for them and that they will regret in the long run. Whether the motives behind the lies are malicious or not, lying can still negatively affect the person being…show more content…
Not only does the lair have to keep track of what lies he told and to whom, but he also risks loosing his credibility in the long run. Say you lie about your SAT scores to get into a certain school. If the college ever found out not only would you be expelled but it would make it extremely hard for you to get accepted into any other universities. There have even been cases where people have been stripped of their degrees ten or twenty years later because of a falsification on their transcripts. Another result of lying is that after you lie once it becomes increasingly easier to lie again. What may start off as innocent white lies can soon blossom into living a double life. Lying also has a tendency to make people sneaky and distant to those around
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