When It Comes To Policymaking There Are Many Factors That

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When it comes to policymaking there are many factors that go into this process. We had previously looked at the elements such as race, gender, which can heavily influence policy. We had also looked at the many actors, both official and unofficial, that can a direct or indirect effect on policy. Finally, we had looked at the many different types of policies that are out there in our daily world. All of these elements helped many people, get a better understanding, of what policy is, and how it can impact our lives on a daily basis. There is, however one area of the policymaking process that has yet to be looked at, that some people might overlook when discussing this topic. These areas could include, the policy design and tools, and policy…show more content…
When a policy is created it has to be sent through committees, then it is sent to the House of Representatives, then the policy is sent to the Senate, where it is then sent to the President to sign, to make the policy legal and binding. When the policy is sent to each of these areas, each section can re-write the policy in order to ensure quality, and to make sure it meets certain standards. When it reaches the right number of votes, it is sent to the next chamber, where they can too re-write the policy, to meet certain standards. When it reaches the desk of the President, he can sign off of the policy, when he feels it meets all the goals the policy is being sent out to do, or he can veto it, and sent it back to the previous chambers, in order to re-work the policy. All of this is part of the policy design process, in that the policy is going through a tough analysis, and is constantly being re-written, in order to ensure that the policy will meet its goal. We have mentioned that when a policy is created that, it has to meet a certain goal, but what exactly is a policy goal? A policy goal, according to the reading is, a desired outcome of a policy, these goals can be explicitly stated or implicit in the policy (Birkland, 2016). This definition seems to say that, a policy goal is the most desired outcome of a policy that the policy makers want, and that sometimes these goals can be clearly stated directly in
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