When People Talk About The Word “Fashion,” It Automobility

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When people talk about the word “fashion,” it automobility provides a sense of popular styles of clothing, accessories, and makeup. Fashion influences not only on people’s behaviors, but also influences the society as a whole, such as socially and economically. In Adorned in Dreams, the author Elizabeth Wilson, introduces that fashion is a form of art, and people can use fashion to express their ideas, beliefs, and desires. Wilson also introduces the history of fashions in order to prove that people can use fashion to express different belief systems, social values, and public desires during each time period. In Subculture The Meaning of Style, Dick Hebdige believes people can use fashion as a tool to express their beliefs. In this case, …show more content…

In nowadays, buying luxury brands is not only showing a sign of wealth, but also a kind of rewards for people’s hard working. Luxury products sell high market prices because of their designs, brand names, and the qualities. People want to buy luxury products because their quality is better than target brands. For example, the brand like Bottega Veneta is known for its traditional design of leather goods; their handbags are handmade in Italy. Comparing to Bottega Veneta to target brands, Bottega Veneta’s design will not easily out of style, but target brands will easily out of styles because their designs are relatively ordinary. However, in the recent year, some luxury brands’ reputation has gone done because those brands were shifting their factories to other countries and then shipping back to Italy just for the label. Technically, the phrase “Made in Italy” is not really manufacture in Italy anymore, sometimes this product 's qualities are not as good as before. There is a rising concern of whether these luxury goods really match with the expensive price tags. In Adorned in Dreams, Wilson introduces that people express their ideas, beliefs, and desires through fashion. It does not matter that people from which social classes, people would express different belief systems, social values, and public desires through Fashion. “Fashion, in a sense is change, and in modern western societies no clothes are

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