When Reflecting On What Made Me The Writer I Am Today,

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When reflecting on what made me the writer I am today, my first thought was, “Well clearly, I’m a writer because I’m a reader.” As a child, I devoured all kinds of books and spent hours on exploits in different worlds, with Harry and the gang at Hogwarts, or with the Pevensie kids in Narnia. And I thought that inevitably and gradually, reading is what led me to create my own universes and stories through writing. In fact, one of my first memories associated with writing was winning third place at a story competition in the 1st or 2nd grade (high prestige, I know). Writing is linked to reading, and to personal agency and action. I chose to read, and that led me to choose to write.
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Perhaps if I had someone around me who discouraged me to write and never acknowledged my work, I would have given it up. Thus, the people around me have actively had a role in my literacy narrative.
Another aspect that led me to being a writing consultant, and being interested in editing, was a previous experience as a copy editor at The Daily Northwestern. It was a formative experience that led me to being a better journalist, and to seek out this opportunity at the Writing Place. Doing that job made me pay more attention to spelling, dates and even capitalization. But most importantly, it taught me that the writer puts together most of the puzzle, and the editor is the one who puts the last pieces in and makes the puzzle look polished. One role is nothing without the other. Without a writer, the editor has no article to improve. Without an editor, the writer wouldn’t be able to refine their story. Even if writing is personal, it can take a village to raise a good story and make it the best it can be. At The Daily, writers always had their desk editors with whom they could bounce ideas off, and in turn the copy editors had to discuss with writers how they could fine-tune their stories, whether that was citing stories properly, or remembering to write “The Daily” instead of “the Daily.” Much like how

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