When You Believe That The Number Thirteen Is Ominous, You

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When you believe that the number thirteen is ominous, you will avoid booking your flight on every thirteenth of the months, and you will refuse to hold any significant event on the day. You all have had the experience when you cover your eyes in the bathroom, trying not to look in the mirror because the reflection will terrify if you look at it at midnight. You remember that you have been told not to cut your nails before an examination, you do not understand why but still follow the rule. Where all the concepts or meanings of these behaviors come from? When the scientific authority currently dominates the world, there are still so many people out there believing in non-naturalism. The supernatural power is characterized as the phenomenon…show more content…
In many countries, the religion has become the representative of the supernatural power. It is because the religion itself provides a set of contents that best explains how the supernatural operates us and the way the world works when the science cannot. For instance, such religious values are applied in the terms like the Heaven, the Hell, and the Armageddon. Although these values do not directly influence people’s experiential knowledge, they do instead have an impact on people’s behaviors. One of the extreme cases would be the religious zealots. The values of religion become the ultimate power, thus forming a falsehood in their minds that religion is always right. The falsehood then gives ground for the heresy to germinate, such as the Falun Dafa in China. Falun Dafa propagandized a set theology opposing science and culture. It had harmed many people’s mental health and even taken away their lives. It sounds like the supernatural has manipulated the religion, and made it anti-scientific. In fact, the supernatural is just an explanation that is seemingly entirely plausible to some phenomenon which breaks through the limit of scientific power. It is not the authority to misdirect people down to a path of evilness. Regardless of the exceptions, the supernatural is just a term which provides fairly convincing reasons to
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