Where Men Win Glory, Jon Krakauer

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Glory. It is an honor that all men, even if they are not aware, strive for. The definition of “glory” is different for everyone. To one, “glory” might mean graduating medical school; to another, it could mean taking center stage in a play as the applause surrounds her. To Pat Tillman, glory was not defined as a multimillion dollar NFL contract or millions of adoring fans. It meant following his upright inner voice and fulfilling his civil obligations. In Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer, Tillman rejects a successful football career to join the Army after being deeply disturbed by the September 11, 2011, terrorist attack. I never thought a book with so much war and politics could be so heart-wrenching. Although I did not like the…show more content…
Krakauer has a straight-to-the-point, concrete writing style. I tend to favor abstract writing with a great deal of figurative language. I had a hard time finding trope, but My favorite simile in the book is on page 96. It said, “Like a super villain in a Marvel comic book, he seemed to be endowed with the ability to absorb the mightiest blows his enemy could deliver, draw energy from them, and become more powerful as a consequence.” This quote is comparing Osama bin Laden to a villain in a comic book because it seemed like no matter what attempts the U.S. made to take him down, he always came back stronger. If there had been more similes like this, the book would’ve been better. Also, Krakauer’s excessive use of acronyms left me feeling frustratingly confused. Nevertheless, not all is bad about Krakauer’s writing technique. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he included actual entries from Pat Tillman’s journal and statements from Tillman’s friends and family. In doing so, Krakauer made me easily connect and empathize with Pat Tillman and his loved ones. This made a powerful impact on the book and reader. Despite my previous explanation of what I did not like about the book, the list of what I did like is more significant. I will admit that I am not an avid reader. For a book to successfully make me feel heartbroken says a lot. I had never heard of the story of Pat Tillman, so

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