Where My Heart Is

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I stood in the doorway, dazed at the conversation that was taking place in front of me. Why on earth would they ever want to move? I stood there taking all of their words in my ears; they went in one ear and out of the other. “But…but why?” I protested. I was saddened inside. A lump grew in the pit of my throat, it felt dry. I ran outside and looked around. The roses bloomed and tulips grew more than I had realized. They were a pretty pink, the kind I would think a fairy would wear on her flower skirt. I plopped down on the soft grass. Tears rolled down my face as if they were racing to the blades of grass as they fell off of my chin. Everything seemed as if it were crashing, falling down, spiraling like an airplane that couldn’t control itself. My mind was fluttering and and jumping around like it was a butterfly being chased by a bumble bee. “I don't want to leave everyone behind,” I whispered to myself. Another tear strolled down my face and hit my upper thigh. I swirled it around my leg, pretending this catastrophe couldn't be happening. I looked up at all of you on the porch, talking and chatting amongst each other. No one looked sad, no one but me—so I smiled once I saw eyes on me. I pretended as if I had never knew we were leaving the place I call my home, and the people I call my blood. I ran up the porch stairs, weaving and dodging everyone in my path, swung the door open and ran as if I were being chased by police. I jumped on my bed and let out a big scream. I

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