While Generally, People Aim For Truth In The Pursuit Of

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While generally, people aim for truth in the pursuit of knowledge, differences in power hierarchy can inhibit the veracity of the new information. This paper seeks to analyze the effect of power relations on the production of knowledge in the case of the Middle East. To do so, the paper first reflects on the general manner in which power relations affect knowledge before proceeding to examine the case of the Middle East upon the colonial era of the British and French. Specifically, this paper argues that the power dynamics between the imperialist powers and the Middle East created a canon of beliefs centered around the superiority of the West over the East.
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Furthermore, the imbalance of power granted the imperial powers with a cultural hegemony in the region in which their cultural ideas dominated over the Middle Eastern ones. Under such conditions, the ideas and, with it, knowledge of the Europeans greatly influenced the region while discrediting Arab culture and ideas. Anyone inclined to question the superiority of European knowledge only had to remember the Europeans’ ability to subjugate the Middle East which inherently suggested that the culture of Europe must be superior to that of the Middle East. A person attempting to produce knowledge operates under the confines of their position in society. Given this situation, in the case of the knowledge affected by power relations, the place of both the weaker and stronger nations, politically, economically, or otherwise, will taint their produced knowledge. The stronger nation will filter their knowledge through their awareness of their superiority, naturally lending to emphasizing their culture and knowledge as more worthy than anything of the weaker. In the case of colonialism, this also often included the production of knowledge that sought to justify the role of the West in the East. Separating the East from the West in the minds of people as fundamentally different served as a key aspect of this thought pattern. So, as the West could rule over the East and the two areas were conceived as different, that which resulted from Westerns was

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